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Warrior Nation Sports Inc. was founded in 2021 with the main goal of giving children from the ages 4-12 an organization to play baseball and to assist them in ultimately reaching their fullest potential on and off the baseball field. We are located in the Massapequa Park area and we provide children a safe and competitive environment to learn, train, and play the game of baseball.  Although our primary focus presently is children aged 4-8 playing youth baseball, the organization is actively seeking to grow, and is open to exploring different age groups for youth baseball and softball.

The organization has recently run two highly successful youth baseball training programs throughout the Fall of 2021 and Winter of 2022. All of our players have demonstrated tremendous improvement within the last year and we are actively seeking to add new players to join the organization.  We are currently operating Summer Programs for players aged 4 through 8 for the summer of 2022 (please see flyer/link on our home page to register).

The organization’s plan for the youth baseball 4u - 8u age group after the summer season is to continue practice weekly throughout the Fall to instruct, train, and develop the boys’ baseball skills and fundamentals of the game. We also will be training throughout the Winter of 2023 at a local indoor facility. We will be entering a Summer Season in 2023 for travel baseball.

To play on this team, your child’s birthday must be from May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015 ( currently 7u). We are open to having other age groups join in on fall and winter workouts but they must qualify as the immediate age group younger or older so that would be 8u or 6u (if baseball skill level is up to par). Boys born after the April 30, 2015 cutoff are more than welcome to continue to play on the 7u team for future games and league play.

Warrior Nation Sports Inc. was founded in 2021. Our organization is a Charitable, Not for Profit Corporation, registered with New York State and the NY Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.  We also are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization recognized by the IRS.

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